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90s Alternative Music - 100Hitz100Hitz


90s Alternative Music

100 Hitz gives you FREE internet streaming of the best 90s Alt music!

It’s here, and ready for you to enjoy…90s Alternative music, featuring FREE internet music streaming!  There’s NEVER a charge to listen!!

Some of the artists & groups you’ll hear:


Green Day

No Doubt

Foo Fighters

Alanis Morissette


Smashing Pumpkins

Stone Temple Pilots


The Offspring


90s Alternative albums & Artists

If you LOVE 90s Alternative Music…check us out! Listen at on your PC or tablet…or grab the FREE 100hitz app from the app store, and listen anytime on your cell, tablet or whatever!  Did we mention…this is FREE INTERNET music streaming?? Yup! 100Hitz offers lots of great stations to listen-to! For a complete list, click HERE!

We scoured the internet…and found a list we LOVE—the 100 BEST Alternative songs of the 90s!  Check it out HERE!


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